Applications of the Bernoulli Filter

There are many applications for the Bernoulli Filter and it comes in models for sea water as well as for fresh water. Choose the right filter size and desired filtering degree for salt water application or for fresh water application.


Greenhouses and golf courses are examples of customers in the irrigation segment. However, the Bernoulli Filter is suitable for use in any larger irrigation or snow canon systems, in order to protect the nozzles.

Waste Water

In certain instances, Bernoulli Filters are suitable for waste water applications. For example, they can be used to protect heat exchangers used for heat recovery from processed waste water.

District Cooling

Bernoulli Filters help to meet the cooling needs of cities and larger industrial areas in an environmentally friendly way. Installed to protect the main heat exchangers, they enable the use of different water sources such as deep wells, lake water or sea water.


Offices, congress centres, concert halls, government buildings, museums and other public buildings generally have their indoor temperature regulated by HVAC Systems. Bernoulli Filters protect the heat exchangers in these systems from getting clogged up by dirt or organic growth from sea, lake, pond or river water which is used for cooling.

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