The original Swedish filter design from Bernoulli

Bernoulli System AB was founded in 1986, under the name Seacool AB. The objective was to design and develop sea water cooling systems. At the time, corrosion resistant titanium had become popular in heat exchangers and the pipe systems were often built in plastic material. However, automatic filters were still built in materials susceptible to corrosion. Seacool AB invented a revolutionary filter with a concept based on Daniel Bernoulli’s equation formulated in the 18th century. The concept enabled manufacturing of filters in plastic material. The patented design was introduced in 1990, as a component of sea water systems. The product was named Bernoulli Filter and in 1996, Seacool AB changed name to Bernoulli System AB. Today the filters are used successfully in a large number of different applications all over the world.

A natural physical phenomenon

Bernoulli System AB pioneered the application of Bernoulli's principle to water filtration. Bernoulli Filters harness the power of a natural physical phenomenon in order to create an ingeniously simple and highly reliable filtering operation and self-cleaning function. Bernoulli System AB's specialty is water filtration systems to protect plate heat exchangers but our filters are successfully used in a variety of different industrial and agricultural applications. During two decades, the company has developed extensive knowledge and experience of water systems and associated corrosion and clogging problems.

Keeping it simple

Bernoulli Filters are self-cleaning filters for continuous filtration of liquids in pressurized systems. The unique cleaning operation based on Bernoulli's principle ensures a reliable, robust and low-maintenance product. The filters can be used to remove debris from natural water sources such as sea water or river water.