Dairy Process Membranes

All Hydranautics' membranes are manufactured using highly controlled, ISO 9001-2000 compliant processes, ensuring the highest quality and most consistent, reliable performance available. Experience a new level of product confidence, cost savings and technology excellence with Hydranautics' dairy membranes. Also all membranes individually tested to ensure reliable field performance.

Dairy Ultrafiltration Moduls

Hydranautics' membrane technology experience and innovation are at the core of every DairyUF membrane. Specifically designed for whey protein concentration, DairyUF membranes deliver exceptional performance and value. Ultra high flux UF membranes provide maximum protein yields with the lowest energy costs, meets FDA, Title 21 Regulations and 3A Sanitary Standards for Crossflow Membrane Modules, USDA Accepted all sizes.

DairyUF 10K is ideal for:

- Fractionating, purifying and dewatering milk and cheese whey
- Whey protein concentration before evaporating and spray-drying
- Minimizing waste disposal costs

Dairy Nanofiltration Membranes

Highly selective nanofiltration composite sanitary membranes designed specifically for seperation of divalent anions and/or organic molecules greater than 200 Daltons from monovalent salts and lower molecular weight organics. All products are USDA accepted. Components conform to FDA regulation CFR Title 21 and “3A Sanitary Standards for Cross flow Membrane Modules, Number 45-01, Section C”.

DairyNF is ideal for:

- Whey and milk concentration
- De-salting (mineralizing) of whey and other streams

Dairy Reverse Osmosis Membranes

Hydranautics' 30 years of spiral membrane technology experience is built in to every QUALSEP DairyRO membrane. Maximum permeability combined with durable construction make DairyRO® the natural choice for high performance and extended membrane life. Ultra high rejection RO membranes provide maximum solids yields and effluent BOD reduction, meets FDA, Title 21 Regulations and 3A Sanitary Standards for Crossflow Membrane Modules, USDA Accepted sizes 3838, 3840 and 8038.

DairyRO is ideal for:

- Pre-concentrating milk or whey, reducing equipment and operating costs
- Concentrating whey UF permeate, minimizing effluent volume and reducing discharge fees
- Polishing whey or milk RO permeate for plant reuse, reducing costs and reliance on outside water supplies

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