1. Mempa will go to Aquatech Exhibition in Amsterdam !!

    We will visit Aquatech Expo in november this year.. We follow exhibitions to update our product range..also its good chance to see latest products in the market and see our partners there..


  2. Bernoulli Filters Sales Meeting in Lund, Sweden!!!

    Bernoulli Filter distributor meeting was held on 21st-23rd April 2015, in Lund, Sweden. We participated the meeting and presented our experiences with Bernoulli filters. All distributers around the world were there and it was a good chance for us to tell about Mempa’s activities.. Bernoulli announced their new products and we discussed about new markets. We appreciate to Bernoulli team for their warm hospitality and that wonderful organization.


  3. Hydranautics Membranes Sales Meeting in Prague, Czech Republic!!!

    This year Hydranautics sales meeting was in Prague in beginning of April. All distributers shared their experiences and discussed about markets, also Hydranautics announced new products CPA6LD and ultra high area membranes. We made our company presentation and told about latest projects and success stories. Also we had some time to touristic tour in amazing city Prague.. It was very nice and benefical sales meeting with Hydranautics team.. We thank to Hydranautics team for their warm hospitality and that wonderful organization.


  4. Now all Mempa Antiscalants are NSF certificated!!!!

    First our AQM35 antiscalant approved by NSF, our two other antiscalant AQM25 and AQM51 has just been approved by NSF in march 2015.


  5. STF Filtros Technical Training in Monzon, Spain!!!

    We participated STF Filtros technical training in mid of july in 2014. It was a good chance to see all manufacturing steps and complete process for better understanding.. Also we had some hands on training at technical stations.. We visited some existing projects and saw real applications at site.. Especially irrigation references were very impressive.. It was very fruitfull training with STF Filtros team.. We thank to STF team for their warm hospitality...


  6. Mempa was at Aquatech Exhibition in Shanghai !!

    We visited Aquatech expo in end of june 2014..there were lots of component suppliers, also it was really good chance to see new products in the market..


  7. Hydranautics team has just decided to do its distributor meeting on March 31st 2014, in Istanbul! Mempa will be host this meeting with all warm hospitality. Last year will be evaluated and the Hydranautics vision for 2014 will be disscussed. All distributors of Hydranautics around the world will meet in Istanbul and review strategies, potential industries to approach, customer relations and new membrane models.


  8. Mempa has became the authorised distributor of STF Filtros! Mempa now supply STF Filtros products to irrigation, cooling systems and other industrial projects.

  9. Mempa has added new field in its existing customers. Mempa started to sell Hydranautics Dairy elements to the Dairy industry. Mempa now supply Dairy Nanofiltration, Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis elements for the whey manufacturing plants.

  10. Mempa has held annual meeting in Kuşadası,Turkey. All Mempa management, sales team and logistic team were present in the meeting. The year of 2013 was reviewed and projections were made about 2014. The disscussions revolved around what Mempa can do to serve ıts customers better and improve its supply chain. New products and systems were introduced to the sales team.