Our experience in water treatment sector forced us to offer comprehensive chemicals to help meet our customers’ needs. Our aim is to provide reliable, efficient and profitable chemicals to our customers. 

Mempa offers membrane antiscalants and membrane cleaning chemicals in order to increace Reverse Osmosis operating efficiency and membrane life time.

Our environment friendly membrane chemicals can help eliminate scaling and reduce fouling in membrane systems.


Antiscalant, or chemical “scale inhibitor”, is one of the RO protection chemicals which is vitally important to increase total system performance of RO systems. Antiscalant must be used to prevent the membrane fouling due to precipitation of all partially soluble salts that might be present in the feed water. Antiscalant avoids mineral deposits from membranes by keeping the fouling materials in suspention.

Some of the reasons to use antiscalant;

  1. - Efficient scales controls
  2. - Optimise acid consumption
  3. - Reduced cleaning and maintenance costs
  4. - Reduce product loss
  5. - Lower operating cost
  6. - Increase total system performance

Cleaning Chemicals

Membrane cleaning is a ordinary necessity of membrane operting process. We offer membrane cleaning chemicals in order to restore membrane performance, ensure membrane life and reduce membrane replacement.

When membranes need cleaning, our products remove mineral scale and organic fouling and restore performance in all types of membrane systems. Period of the cleaning is due to the chemical and physical properties of raw water, system recovery and flow rate of the each membrane area.


Mempa provides all type of water treatment components and equipments which can be used for all industrial and commercial water treatment plants.

Mempa offers the products and components to help plants comply with changing conditions, while increasing plant efficiency and productivity to meet the increasing demand for treated water.

Mempa provides customers with a full range of products, for example:

Filtration Systems
Activated Carbon Filters
Softening Systems
Reverse Osmosis Systems
Ultrafiltration Systems
Nanofiltration Systems
Chemical Dosing Systems
Disinfection Systems
Ultraviolet Systems
Drinking Water Systems
Desalination Systems